Friday, 3 August 2012

Strange new direction.

It all started about 6 weeks ago when Mr Debs decided to get a bit fitter. Looking back it was clearly a slight understatement as he then joined the gym at work and works out 3-4 times a week in his lunchbreak and now he's bought a bike and intends to cycle to and from mean feat at about 20 miles each way. He's looking leaner already and his enthusiasm is catching. Sam then started with becoming vegetarian, giving up alcohol, cigarettes and working out on my cross trainer like a thing possessed and He is looking better and better and so to me........yes I caught the bug and I'm now working out each day and have lost 7lbs so far - yey.

I guess that this spells the end of the food blog for a while as all we are eating is ridiculously healthy food all the flippin time. Maybe I'll hijack the blog and make it a tracker kind of blog for us all...thinking and typing here......going to upload fat pics.


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