Friday, 14 December 2012

Masterchef The Professionals ( The Winner )

And so it came to pass that, last night sitting in front of my TV eating egg and chips ( cooked I may say in a particular way by the lovely Mr Debs ), the finale was reached. Now I don't like to gloat - much - but I was kind of rooting for Anton all along. All chubby cheeked and freshly scrubbed he looked like a naughty schoolboy about to flick you with an ink splat. I loved his attitude and was always drawn into his cooking, bloody marvellous! Yes I know that he had to share the title with Keri but she was pretty good too so - for me - I really wasn't bothered about the whole shock sharing thing, I just don't know how I'll spend my evenings until the mourning period is over. Actually I'm going to try and cheer myself up by having a go at making whisky gums A La Fat Duck.

Not Hestons I know but this video makes me laugh and makes it all look terribly easy. I'll post my results good or bad.