Saturday, 19 May 2012

Life of Herman

Well, following on from what is now a couple of weeks ago, Herman took shape this way. The day after adding all the ingredients on day 4 Herman is looking a little livelier - and then some!

And so it was each day stirring and nothing else until day 9 when I fed him again as on day 4, gave him a good stir and then separated him into 4 equalish portions

I kept two portions for myself and gave two portions to unsuspecting friends

Then came the interesting bit, I added all the lovely yummy ingredients. I have to say that ( I don't know why ) I was very haphazard about actually measuring much at this stage. I had a cup measure but tended to just throw a bit of this and that in....squirt of golden syrup, handful of sour cherries. It was a very thick mixture so I decided to pop it into a nice big cake tin rather than a tray bake.

I could see little point in the melted butter so omitted that from my cake, gave it a nice sugary crust and bunged it in the oven for the allotted time - 170 deg for 45 minutes. Way too short a cooking time, it needed about a further 30 minutes until my skewer was coming out clean. Then this...

What a lovely looking cake....

Unbelievable, and whats more it tasted fab, really moist, georgeous, even Mr Debs liked this ( miracle ).

It's quite strange as you do get kind if attached to the little guy over the course of 10 days and cooking him feels a little final. Yummy tho'


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