Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tiramisu ( the easy way)

I was given this recipe more years ago than I care to remember but it never fails to please. I don't think that it' s terribly authentic but - who cares - it tastes lovely.

Serves 4 ish

Half a 250g bag of crunchy Amarretti biscuits
4 tbsn's strong coffee
2 Cadbury's chocolate flakes
1 pot ( 200g ) mascapone cheese
Half a pot bought vanilla custard

In a nice trifle bowl, break - but not too much - half the biscuits.
Gently pour over the coffee.
Crumble over the chocolate flake.
Mix the cheese and custard and pour over the biscuit mix.
Place into the fridge until half a hour before serving.
When about to serve, crumble over the remaining flake.
Pretend to guests that it took ages and enjoy!


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