Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hickory Smoked Garlic With Another New Toy

Something else I have wanted to buy for eons is a smoker. Having saved my pennies for a couple of months and thought long and hard about it (2 hrs), I bought the Original Bradley Smoker! Yay!

And another shot after it had been seasoned, and smoked about 65 garlic bulbs for market:

We've had the garlic for sale on the bar in the pub, for about a week now and I'm almost sold out. Every time I walk past them the smell reminds me of holidaying in France as a kid.

I've also smoked some salt and pepper, which so far has not made a great impact. People seem to think it's a bit weird, but they smell amazing and would be awesome on grilled food or ribs!

I've also smoked chillies to make smoked chilli oil. That's currently maturing in the bottle and I can't wait to use it on everything!!!

Sam x

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