Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's still winter enough for Steak and Kidney Pudding

Although it was quite sunny yesterday it still feels like winter to me as it was really quite cold so tempted Mr Debs with the possibility of a yummy steak and kidney pudding for dinner this evening. Lovely, proper rib sticking winter fare, this is probably one of my favourite meals of all time.

Serves 4

750g Nice lean braising steak - cubed
250g Lambs kidneys - cleaned and chopped
1 Large onion sliced finely
Good splash of Lea & Perrins sauce
Good splash of mushroom ketchup
Salt and pepper
Enough beef stock to cover filling

For the pastry:

16oz Self raising flour
8oz Unsalted butter
Half a teaspoon salt
Cold water to bind.

Dust all the steak and kidney with seasoned flour and set aside.
Butter a pudding basin.
Rub butter into seasoned flour and add enough water to bind to form a soft dough- don't make this ahead of time as once made, you have to use this pastry straight away.

Turn dough out onto a floured surface and tear off about a quarter ( for the lid ). Roll out gently to fit your pudding basin and line making sure that there are no tears or gaps.
Place about one third of your onion slices into the bottom of the bowl followed by half of your meat mixture. Season well with sauces and salt and pepper and repeat with onion, then meat, then remaining onion...seasoning each layer as you go. Finally, pour over enough beef stock to cover all the meat comfortably. Don't be too tempted to pack the meat in too tightly as your pudding will be too dry.
Roll out your lid pastry and seal your pudding. 
Cover with two sheets of pleated foil and tie with string.

Place an old upturned saucer into a large cooking pot and pop pudding into pot. In order to retreive the pudding I arrange two pieces of long foil under the pudding basin so that it is easier to get out later.  Pour in boiling water to about half way up the pudding, pop on the lid and bubble away gently for 5 hours adding water as it is needed.

Lovely! Served with creamy mash and vegetables.


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