Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Help...I'm stuck on You Tube!!;

Love this stuff


I'm working very hard!!

Whilst creating my marketing masterplan I'm just doing a bit of this;



Over the top

Well, the £14 spent on snacks at the Sweetmart was a revelation indeed. I bought various samosa's, pakora's and bhaji's and I have to say that they were mostly pretty tasteless. The best of the lot were the prawn pakora's as they had a hit of lime but I was really disappointed with everything else. If I can't make tastier snacks than these then it's a poor cooking day in Chepstow.

Clearly there is no issue with the product here but I have to decide how to market my items. Difficult as it's so easy to go to work, do your stuff, take the money and never change anything. The trouble is, I have a need to do this in some way. Got to get off my backside and look into marketing ( where to start?? ) as I can't just keep cooking stuff.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sweetmart Bristol

It's so hard to get hold of really authentic ingredients in a small town so we hopped over to Bristol today to this wonderful shop.

I spent a fortune on snacks ( just to see what I'm up against taste wise ) , and got hold of my semolina flour and ground fenugreek. It's like an aladin's cave in there with so much to chose from....quite exhilarating . Parking was a flippin nightmare though!


Saturday, 20 October 2012

And another one

I have another great site ( spending far too much time on here today )

Just struggling to get hold of the semolina flour.


Great reviews

Mr Debs and I took all our bhaji's and samosa's into work yesterday and the overall feedback was fantastic. Plenty of requests to make them bigger - easy peasy -  and workmate Araf bought in some ' Gol Gappa', I have never even heard of these but they were really tasty. Here's a link to a great site that I found this morning searching for a recipe.

I love all the photo's. it makes it so much easier when I come to make them to see where I am. The first time with anything this unfamiliar it's really handy to follow exact instructions.  I'm going to have to try this recipe and soon!!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Fuggly Samosa Co??

Had a whole day cooking samosa's and onion bhaji's to take in to work tomorrow for reviews. Love it, beats working for bosses!!!

Photo of bhaji's somewhere........where are you Josh??


Cooking up a storm

And listening to this aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh sooooooo good


Holiday pics

Just a couple of holiday piccy's to show that we really did go away.

Just a few steps in front of our beachfront room to the ..... er....beach


View back to the hotel from up the hill

In a good mood on our way up the hill for ribs and beer

OOOOh little friend spotted on our first day there

Mr Debs looking all chilled

One of the many mongooses ( mongeese?? ) up at the ribs shack

Lovely view of the English harbour area from Shirley Heights.


Back from Antigua

Well blog, I'm back from my hols and almost ready to start blogging with only one real problem, My camera broke - co-incidentally on almost the same day that the guarantee expired - and so it could be a bare blog for a while. If I cook stuff by well known cheffy types I'll steal their piccy's!!

While laying on the beach, I decided to maybe start up a little business making Samosa's and suchlike. At the moment it's just a little idea but when I make these they get great reviews. I'm looking at Farmers markets etc but every day Samosa's are on my mind! Anyway here's the recipe again in the meantime.