Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Over the top

Well, the £14 spent on snacks at the Sweetmart was a revelation indeed. I bought various samosa's, pakora's and bhaji's and I have to say that they were mostly pretty tasteless. The best of the lot were the prawn pakora's as they had a hit of lime but I was really disappointed with everything else. If I can't make tastier snacks than these then it's a poor cooking day in Chepstow.

Clearly there is no issue with the product here but I have to decide how to market my items. Difficult as it's so easy to go to work, do your stuff, take the money and never change anything. The trouble is, I have a need to do this in some way. Got to get off my backside and look into marketing ( where to start?? ) as I can't just keep cooking stuff.


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