Saturday, 10 March 2012

Chocolate mousse

We are having a family Sunday dinner today with eight to eat and I really fancied making a chocolate mousse as I haven't made one for yonks. Given that there are about a million recipes for this I plumped for a basic but yummy sounding recipe from Nigella ( again, I know ). I sent Mr Debs to the big shop and doubled up on the recipe to serve 8.

300g Marshmallows ( I chopped up the big ones - sticky)
100g butter
250g Milk Chocolate - broken into small pieces
250g Dark Chocolate - broken into small pieces
120g just boiled water
568mls Double cream
2 tspn Vanilla extract

Place Marshmallows, chocolate, butter and water into a large saucepan and melt together really gently until all melty
While this is cooling a little, whisk cream and vanilla together until thickish.
Mix cream and chocolate together and place in serving glasses or ramekins.

Lovely, sticky, very rich, this recipe would - in my opinion - make 12 easily. I served mine with a lovely home made raspberry coulis.


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