Sunday, 5 February 2012

Heavenly Haggis

A couple of years ago Mr Debs was working up in Edinburgh and I was lucky enough to stay for a week and toodle around while he was working. I love Edinburgh and it was easy to fill my days ( a whole day just in the portrait gallery). We stayed in a quirky apartment up on the Royal Mile and were recommended a little restaurant called Dubh Prais, very hard to find but what an absolute joy. It is impossible to get in to this tiny restaurant without pre-booking and the wonderful food combined with the experience talking to the chef owner was memorable. They served an oatmeal crusted, pan fried haggis and the owner very kindly wrote down the supplier for me in order that we could recreate this dish at home. We have consequently bought our haggis online from Campbell's ever since. Unfortunately we had what can only be described as a sudden urge for haggis yesterday, we had to make do with a big shop haggis. It was still a lovely dish and this is how it was made. No home made photo I'm afraid as we ate it rather too quickly and forgot - again -

Serves 4 ( 3 last night )

Two normal sized shop haggis
1 Cup pinhead oatmeal
Little flour just to coat haggis
1 Free range egg
Little oil for frying
1 Large leek trimmed and finely chopped
125mls single cream
Salt and pepper to taste
Splosh whisky

Cut haggis into thickish slices and dust with flour, coat with beaten egg and dip in oatmeal to cover.
Gently fry leeks in a little butter until lovely and soft, add enough cream to make a silky sauce and whisky to taste.
Fry haggis in a large frying pan until goldenish with a nice crust and serve immediately.

Thanks to Tripadvisor customer for the photo it's perfect.
Mr Debs served ours with creamy mash and sprouting broccoli as a main course but really I would like to eat it just as it is.


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