Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mr Debs Banoffee Pie

A family dinner favourite ( not me, I don't like all the cream ) and a family dinner today so Mr debs is knocking up his signature banoffee pie to follow the slow roasted pork:

Serves 6

250g Digestive biscuits crumbled
200g Unsalted butter
3 medium bananas
1 chocolate flake
397g can caramel condensed milk
400mls double cream whisked to soft peaks

Melt butter gently and mix with crumbled biscuits until all coated.

Press mixture into a loose bottomed flan tin - not too hard or your base will resemble concrete, and pop in the fridge to set

Cover with a layer of  caramel and bananas

Cover with the cream and chocolate flake and pop in the fridge.


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