Monday, 13 February 2012

Ten Square Steak House - Belfast

Having worked like a dog over the Christmas period, and given that January is usually pretty quiet in the pub, I took a week off and spent four days in Belfast with the Girlfriend. The hotel, Ten Square, was beautiful, situated just behind City Hall in the centre of town. We even got upgraded to a nicer room free of charge, although I'm still not sure what was different from this room to the one we booked. 

On our first night, and after about 8 hours shopping, we went down to the hotel bar and steak house. The ambiance was great. Low lighting, comfy sofa's and great music. So we decided to dine in there the night after and I'm glad we did! 

I ordered a trio of seafood, salmon, seabass and smoked haddock on a potato puree with lobster bisque, tomato and basil. It was gorgeous! The fish was perfectly cooked and the smokiness of the haddock worked wonders with the creamy lobster bisque. My only problem was there wasn't enough of it.

The same could not be said of Hayley's choice. She ordered pan roasted Thai style seabass, pan roasted seabass with Thai spices, coconut and served on spicy rice. This was Hayley's first try of seabass and judging by what she left on her plate, she liked it! I only tried the rice portion of the dish but that was lovely. 

All in all the restaurant was lovely, the staff friendly and atmosphere very chic and modern. They had great pictures of cows on the walls that I liked so much, I've asked Hayley to paint one for me! If I were to go back again, I would definitely consider eating there again, but I probably wouldn't as there are just so many other places to try! 

Sam x

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