Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Precious little cooking.

What with a last minute holiday to the Norfolk broads I'm afraid that there has not been a been a lot going on here for a while. Having said that, there's not a lot going to go on either as I've decided to take up the piano. I played for a few years as a child but have had a yearning to go back to it for a while now and now is indeed the time. In my mind I want to achieve this:


I love playing classical piano but I really want to play jazz......I think that it's a long way off but if you don't try stuff - at any age - then whats the point?  It's not running a marathon but it's taking practice.... and patience . I think that I've got the first 4 bars but as I can't find any music for this arrangement, I'm learning it by ear. It could be some time!


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