Saturday, 2 February 2013

Celebrity Masterchef

Well, quite apart from the fact that I don't know half the ' Celebrities ' on this re-run on Saturday Kitchen, I was just pondering on the format of this episode ( and every other episode! ). We have nervous contestants cooking for judges, albeit other slebs, and Greg Wallace doing his shouty best....come on...urry up....It's no wonder really that they are then served undercooked food and poke it about a bit whining ' It just needed another 30 seconds '.

Now, it's a poor day that will see me taking cooking tips from a former fruit and veg salesman but what I don't get is this - why do the slebs put up with it? Don't get me wrong, I like Masterchef, I really liked Masterchef the professionals but I'm getting a bit flippin fed up with these two fellas, it's all gone rather flat and predictable.

Come on BBC lets find someone else to mix it up for a change.

Rant over


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