Saturday, 19 January 2013

It must be this cold weather

I had a bit of an urge to sew the other day and - not having sewn for a while - remembered that back in the mists of time I had various pieces of material put aside for, well whatever I decided to do with them. Having tracked them down I found a beautiful remnant of a piece of material that I had completely forgotton I had bought many years ago. It looks for all the world like a watercolour in lovely sugared almond shades and so I have decided to at long last make my patchwork quilt. Overcome by the desire to sew I remembered that I had started making a very heavy door curtain about 7 years ago ( yeah I know) and should really finish that before embarking on a new project so spent the following 2 days hand sewing this ridiculously heavy item until my fingers were all tender - madness. Anyway, curtain completed ( and hung) I can now - with a clean conscience - make a start on my quilt. But where to start!

Now, I don't really know anything about quilt making so it seemed the best thing to trawl through the endless pages on the web until I found this particularly wonderful site:

Thank goodness I have the excuse of terrible weather because I have spent rather a long time on here today gleaning as much information as I possibly can pre sew. As it turns out I need a couple of essential items before I can start so all the time spent researching can only be a good thing.

Of course I can't help thinking that if it took me 7 years to make a door curtain I could well be drawing a pension by the time my quilt is completed.


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