Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chicken Passanda ( 2nd attempt )

Well, Sam made the last chicken passanda and it was really good, I do think that it's worth trying new recipes though so decided to have a go at making it myself. I trawled through the usual suspects but settled on a web site that my friend Araf recommended called 'Curry Frenzy '. There are flippin loads of recipes on here and while they don't always cook in quite the way I would, a small amount of tweaking and hey presto recognisable curry.

I'll post the recipe as I made it but the link is above for a  more authentic version.

Serves 4
800g chunked fresh chicken
300mls Water or chicken stock
2 Onions finely chopped
2 Tspn grated fresh ginger
4 Garlic cloves crushed
2 Tspn Turmeric
1 Tspn Ground cumin
1 Tspn Ground coriander
1 Tspn Chilli Powder
Half a tspn mango powder
2 Tspn Garam masala
1 Star anise
1 Glass white wine ( optional )
200mls coconut cream
200mls single cream
100mls natural yogurt
1 Tbsn Tomato puree
Vegetable oil
Toasted flaked almonds to serve
Little fresh coriander leaf to serve
Salt and pepper

Pour a little oil into a large saucepan to medium heat and fry onions and star anise gentlyish until golden
Make a paste of the spices, ginger and garlic with a little water
Take out star anise and fry spice mix with the onions for a couple of minutes
Add chicken and stir well
Add all the liquids, stir well and leave to bubble until the chicken is cooked.
Garnish and serve

I served this with mushroom rice, bombay aloo and peshwari naan.
Just a couple of observations, the wine was really not necessary and in fact both Josh ( youngest son ) and myself didn't actually like the flavour of it so I would omit this next time. There is also a lot of liquid in this recipe so it took quite a lot longer to reduce down - it did however enhance the flavour so I would just allow for a longer cooking time next time.


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