Friday, 6 January 2012

Polenta - yuk

I have only eaten polenta whilst on a trip to Milan a few years ago. I have to say that neither me or Mr Debs liked it but I have seen it being cooked on TV with butter and Parmesan cheese and always fancied giving it a try, it looks so creamy and soft. The stuff we had in Italy was cut into squares and solid.

Anyway, having sourced polenta in aforesaid shop, this seemed the perfect recipe to try out - what I imagined would be - the perfect accompaniment. How wrong I was. I followed the instructions on the packet, added my Parmesan, it looked beautiful!

It's truly horrible, it congeals really quickly and tastes of nothing. I like to say that I eat most things, not all things, but I always feel that you have to give new things a go, I just don't get polenta!

Mr Debs did a quick dash to the big shop and picked up some pre- made gnocchi - much better.


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